My name is Amanda and I’m a private tutor in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong, Vienna, London, and Toronto are the places where I grew up.  My international education and experience have thus shaped my thinking and teaching philosophy.  I also developed a keen interest in languages and have picked up French, German, Latin, Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin.  


I graduated from The University of Western Ontario in Canada with a BA (Honours) degree in English Language and Literature.  I also have a TESL (Teaching English As A Second Language) Certificate; and have taught students from around the world, like South America, Russia, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

I LOVE my career and I am passionate about helping students learn languages smoothly, teaching them a strong foundation so they can master their newly learnt language and write beautifully and eloquently.  I have taught and nurtured many students all these years and have helped them succeed in their studies and get into renowned schools and universities locally and overseas.  Besides teaching, I have also been an editor for storybooks and promotional materials. It has been a very satisfying and fulfilling journey indeed.

I am committed to helping as many students as possible improve their English, French and/or Latin so they can achieve their goals and ACE it!!

Amanda Cheuk

Always do your best! You can ACE it!

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