Amanda Cheuk - Native English Private Tutor for English Private coaching classes. Coaching or tutoring has become so popular in both urban and rural areas that parents think that a private tutor is very essential to improve the performance of a child’s study. The concept of betterment of learning at coaching centres is so popular that parents send their children to learn at a faster pace. The English language is recognized as the most widely spoken language in the world and learning and communication in it is very important. Today, knowing English has become mandatory for all job professions. Some schools even offer English as a second language, however some students face difficulties in catching up with the English subject due to its huge variety of vocabulary and complicated pronunciation. What is meant by a Native English Private Tutor? A Native English Private Tutor is one who takes measures in translating each word, type of forms, sentences to your native language for better understanding and catching the essence of it. The Native English Private Tutor (NET) scheme came into operation in Hong Kong in 1998 where the government in China employs English teachers from overseas to provide local Chinese students with exposure to authentic English language and to cultural enrichment. The teachers teach in governmental and government subsidized primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. There are at present 800 NET teachers in Hong Kong schools. The system of employing the Native English Private Tutor is a renewable two-year contract basis. They receive a gratuity at the end of each contract and also receive a special allowance which is intended to partially compensate for the additional costs of living overseas. The level of English that is taught here in Chinese schools is very much streamlined. The main aim for a Native English Private Tutor is to develop the confidence among students in using English for communication and also to create innovative teaching and learning methods, materials, curriculum activities suited to the needs of local children.


* All ESF Schools in Hong Kong


* Australian International School


* Canadian International School


* Chinese International School


* Delia School of Canada


* French International School


* German Swiss International School


* Harrow International School


* Hong Kong Academy


* Hong Kong International School


* International Christian School


* ISF Academy


* Singapore International School


* Yew Chung International School


* Creative Primary School


* Diocesan Boys' School


* Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division


* Diocesan Girls' Junior School


* HKUGA Primary School


* HKUGA College


* Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary School


* La Salle Primary School


* La Salle College


* Maryknoll Convent School


* Marymount Primary School


* Marymount Secondary School


* Queen's College





* Sacred Heart Cannossian School


* St. Joseph's College


* St. Joseph's Primary School


* St. Paul's Co-educational College


* St. Paul's Co-educational College Primary School


* St. Stephen's College


* St. Stephen's College Preparatory School


* St. Stephen's Girls' Primary School


* St. Stephen's Girls' College


* True Light Middle School of Hong Kong


* Victoria Shanghai Academy


* Wah Yan College, Hong Kong



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