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I am patient, dedicated and knowledgeable; and excel in English Literature and Language, French, and Latin.  I provide tutoring assistance in English Language Skills, Essay Writing, Literature, test-taking, and general study skills.  With over 18 years of experience in both Canada and Hong Kong; I have helped LOTS of students and have excellent references.  ALL of my students improve after having lessons with me.  Offering private personalized tutoring for students of all ages, from pre-school to adults.


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Need an experienced tutor?  Are you struggling at school and falling behind?  Do you need help learning a new language?  Do you want to write better and improve your grades at school?

English Private Tuition at Amanda Cheuk Education is informative and enlightening. In recent times, private tutoring has become a vast enterprise. Private tutoring involves a course of learning where a student gains additional knowledge and learning mechanisms. After school, the students opt for English Private Tuition which enables them to perform better in school. The Importance of Learning English: English is an international language and it is gaining more space in the national education curriculum. It is no longer an elective subject. English has become a compulsory subject for all schools. It is recognized as one of the most broadly spoken languages and is the most acknowledged form of communication in the world. For Americans and Europeans, it is the official language and it is the second language in most of the countries across the world. English Private Tuition is thereby important considering the career prospects for children who will shape the future world. Although in schools the study of Basic English has become mandatory, children still face various communication related problems. These problems can either be in written or spoken skills. Lack of communication skills and poor knowledge of Basic English can cause unemployment and social distress. International travel can also become uncomfortable if the local language is not spoken and English is the only ordinary medium of communication. Advantages of Learning at Amanda Cheuk Education: Some of the benefits of English Private Tuition at Amanda Cheuk Education are that the tutors explain things that the children do not understand at school. The child can learn at a quicker pace at Amanda Cheuk Education than at school and simultaneously things are explained to the child in greater detail. Having a tutor makes the child feel more confident while getting one-to-one help. Better understanding of the subject with increasing abilities to speak the language enables a child to perform better than others. Tutoring at Amanda Cheuk Education provides better focus on the subject and encourages the child to study and learn more.
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